In the near future, many people will open their work laptops at the kitchen table or on the sofa. The Netherlands will remain at home en masse for the time being because of the corona virus.

Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people come online this week to take refuge…

The question “What is DevOps all about?” has been discussed for quite some time. How can DevOps be correctly defined and categorized if it changes constantly? In fact, if you look at a random LinkedIn Search, there are more functions being crammed into DevOps than any other roles right now.

The Three Ways

In the past I’ve been working with multiple DevOps teams in all sizes, shapes and figures. And there was always a discussion on the tight integration between development and operations, the handover moments, the speed of delivery. Most heard sentence was:

“We’ve worked like this forever, and it works (for…

Laurens van Gunst

The Cloud Therapist. Does the hard Cloud, so that you don’t have to. | Entreprenerd @ GNST

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